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Zero Closing Costs Mortgage?

A zero closing cost mortgage is a type of mortgage where the lender covers the closing costs associated with the loan, rather than the borrower. Closing costs are the fees and expenses associated with obtaining a mortgage, such as title insurance, appraisal fees, and loan origination fees.

Since not all closing costs are reflected in the lender's APR, APR may not reflect the true savings of a zero closing cost lender. A true zero closing cost lender will have more fees waived than just lender fees, so it is important to get a comprehensive estimate and compare other fees that are involved in closing.

Zero closing cost mortgages are advantageous if you may move before the full term of the mortgage loan (e.g. 30 years) or if you want additional flexibility to refinance in the future.When you first buy a home, moving again or refinancing is not the first thought on your mind. Why not have the flexibility to move to another home or take advantage of low interest rate environments with rate term or cash out refinancing before the full loan term? Once you see the benefits of Zero Closing Costs mortgages with competitive rates, it's hard to justify mortgages with high upfront costs (e.g. origination fees, discount points).

  • Compare the full estimate and not just the APR

  • When comparing rates with a lender that has fees, use fees to pay down points for the zero closing cost lender for a better comparison

  • Enjoy the flexibility to move or refinance before the full loan term

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